Operation process explanation of paper straw machine

Operation process explanation of paper straw machine

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1. Prepare the paper tape

The paper drinking straw machine manufacturer believes that the cardboard paper that requires the termination of production and processing should be divided into specifications and models of total width paper tapes, and then various standard total width paper tapes are placed on the paper supply wall, so that the machine equipment During the whole running process, the paper tape can be led out through the upper edge of the paper tray, and wound onto the fixed mandrel through the waxing roller.

2. Rub the clean oil on the bottom paper

Afterwards, the bottom paper tape will rotate with the fixed core axis of the laser cutting head with the inner hole, because the fixed core shaft is in a static state in the whole process, so people can lower the paper tape. Follow the friction that occurs in the middle of the rotation, and wipe the bottom layer of paper with an appropriate smoothing oil.

Three. Adhesive for paper tape afterwards

Naturally, in addition to the first layer of paper tape that requires wiping and polishing oil, some paper tapes afterwards require the use of some adhesives. In these aspects, we require the termination of advance preparation before running the machinery and equipment. Generally, some of the above are selected. The quick-drying organic chemical batter is used as the bonding agent in the whole process of machine equipment operation. Nowadays, glacial acetic acid high pressure polyethylene is used as the bonding agent of machine equipment.

4. Home appliances docking

After some external props are prepared in advance, people can terminate the access of household appliances to the paper straw machine. After the three-phase power supply is first connected, the full-load test operation of the machinery and equipment can be terminated, and then the motor of the machinery and equipment can be terminated. To terminate the identification of the rotation direction, it must be in the proper rotation direction. After the high speed is over, people can terminate the conditioning of the resistor on the control board, and let the engine of the machine equipment start to stop running.

5. Connect and tighten gas pipelines

Because the paper pipette machine generally uses tightening gas to terminate the cutting work of the cutter head, the internal part is completely equipped with all the gas pipelines of the previous weapons and equipment. People only require the additional pneumatic valve to be received. The upper side of the air inlet can be used, and then the required gas working pressure can be terminated for conditioning, so that the paper straw machine can terminate all normal actual operations.

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