Plastic stick machine

Plastic stick machine
Plastic stick machine
Plastic stick machine
Plastic stick machine

*Introduction of the machines
The machine composed of plastic extruder, cooling unit, hual-off device .etc .It can produce different specifications of stick or pipe such as single color, double color, three color, The product supplied by the machine used in a wide range in industrial filed. For example: Drinking straw in food industry, straws in medical area .etc

* Machine function

Main parts Main parts are: extruder, cooling water tank, hauling cutting system, stick gather equipment single color, bicolor or tricolor pipes can be realized.(air compressor, chiller ,automatic hopper as optional )  
Power supply Main screw 380v ,3phase,50hz,7.5kw(VFD)
Sub-screw / 0.75kw 0.75×2kw
Hauling motor 0.75kw(VFD)x1
Cutting motor 0.75kw(VFD)x1
Temperature Controller 5sets    
Automatic Counting Device   1set    
Way of Hauling By rubber roller
Way of cutting Rotatory cutting
Cooling water tank Usually 3.4m, can be adjusted.
Option   Air compressor (1.5 kw)
  Chiller( 5HP)    Automatic Hopper with dry 
Specification of Pipe Material PP PE etc.
Diameter 2mm~3mm
Length Customizable
Speed 1500-2300pc/mins
Color Single    
Machine dimension L×W×H 8m×1m×1.7mm    
Weight of equipment 1.5T    

* Machine and straw Photo


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