Non woven shoe cover making machine

Non woven shoe cover making machine

Non woven shoe cover making machine
Non woven shoe cover making machine
Non woven shoe cover making machine
Non woven shoe cover making machine

Non-woven shoe cover machine:    (speed: 120-160pcs/min)   


Non-woven shoe cover machine

Performance and characteristics:

1.The machine use to produce non-woven material shoe cover, good quality, low price, 
high output advantages, can completely replace manual shoe cover, save labor, reduce costs, 
can becustomized according to customer requirements, this machine is automated.        
2.Automation of the whole process from feeding raw materials to layered products to counting products. 
With computer control and automatic tension control, hot hand electric welding can be debugged, 
both ends of shoe sleeve and rubber band can be effectively fixed, and the whole process from 
raw materials to finished products can be automated. Only one person is needed in the whole 
process of operation.     
3. Frequency conversion speed regulation.        
4. Delivery is the finished product.           
5. Automatic constant temperature control.            
6. Hot hand electric welding can be debugged.    

Production process:  

Automatic feeding-importing-folding-connecting-cutting

Technical Data:

Suitable material Non-woven
Machine size 1900mm*1800mm*1600mm(L*W*H)
Package size 1900mm*1800mm*1600mm(L*W*H)
Capacity 120-160 Pcs/min
voltage 220v/380v (according to customer requirement)
Weight Machine weight:750kg ;Packing weight:800kg
power 3.8kw
Finished products size 400*160mm(L*W)
other size make according to customer requirement
Material Feeding Rubber band,Non-woven

Main configuration: 

Name Note Quantity Brand
Edge corrector Feeding device 1 China
Mechanical shaft Feeding shaft 1 China


4 China
Hemming device Post-position 2 China
Rubber band device


2 China
Triangular hem


1 China
Traction roller


1 China
Strengthened  ironing device


1 China
Side sealing device


1 China
cutter Roller type 1 China
Magnetic powder controller 2.5KG 1 China
Gear box motor 1.5KW


Frequency converter Delta   1.5KW 1 Taiwan
electrical equipment Schneider & Chint


France & China
Body Alu alloy



Machine pictures: we produce 20sets machine per month. We can deliver machine within 2days. 

Non-woven shoe cover machine

Non-woven shoe cover machine

Material feeding:

Non-woven shoe cover machine

Feeding rubber band:                                                                        welding by ultrasonic:

Non-woven shoe cover machine

Folding the non-woven:                                                                After folded:

Non-woven shoe cover machine

Side sealing by ultrasonic:                                                            Another side sealing by ultrasonic:

Non-woven shoe cover machine



Non-woven shoe cover machine

Finished products comes out:

Non-woven shoe cover machine

Control plate:easy to operate.

Non-woven shoe cover machine

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