What are the main categories of cotton swabs?

What are the main categories of cotton swabs?

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There are many types of cotton swabs, such as dust-free wiping sticks, clean cotton swabs, medical cotton swabs, and instant cotton swabs.

1. The dust-free wiping stick is very different from the ordinary cotton swab. The material of the dust-free wiping stick head is divided into two types: the sponge head and the cloth head. Both are dust-free and cleaned and packaged in the clean room, so the high-grade no. Wiping consumables used in dusty environments must reach more than 100 grades. Only wipes and wipers meet the requirements.

2. Clean cotton swabs are the choice for precision cleansing applications, eliminating contaminants and keeping them clean in the special environment of the production process. After wiping, the chemical residue content is low, flammable, easy to handle, and environmentally friendly. Most cleaning swabs are electrically conductive and keep the operator and tool grounded. Applicable to the 10-level purification workshop, the packaging is different.

3. Medical cotton swabs are suitable for cleaning and disinfecting skin or trauma.

4. Immediately apply cotton swabs, using a hollow rod to store the structure of the syrup, so that the cotton swab itself has a syrup, ready to use, convenient and fast. It is suitable as a necessary hygiene product for hospitals, families, schools, hotels, and is also very suitable for use in tourism.

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