Safety operation rules of cotton swab machine

Safety operation rules of cotton swab machine

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1. Before starting the machine, check whether the equipment is faulty and whether the required raw materials are available. (Whether the inner glue is suitable, whether the outer glue is added, and whether the bamboo stick is full)
2. Adjust the equipment to the normal speed of 350-400 pcs/min to make it run normally.
3. It is strictly forbidden to put your fingers into the cotton beater and transition wheel during the operation of the equipment; when cleaning the chain and gear, it is prohibited to extend the iron wire or other tools into the cotton beater; if you need to wipe or debug, you must first cut off the power to make it completely It can only be carried out after stopping the operation.
4. Regularly clean the air inlets of the suction fan and suction cup fan to avoid excessive cotton waste affecting the suction effect.
5. When the equipment is in normal production, the operator should do a self-inspection and pick out defective products in time.
6. During the operation of the equipment, the glue hole on the die should be kept unobstructed, and often unblocked, so as not to affect the product quality due to its blockage.
7. When operating the equipment, the operator should wear protective equipment such as hats and masks; clothing, hair, hands and other body parts are strictly prohibited from contacting any running and transmission parts of the equipment.
8. When the equipment is maintained and repaired, the power supply must be cut off and can only be carried out after it has completely stopped running.
9. The equipment must be cleaned up before leaving get off work every day to ensure that the equipment starts smoothly next time.
(1) Remove the inner glue water tank before leaving get off work and clean the rubber wheels.
(2) Clean up the debris in the suction fan.
(3) Wipe the die head with clean water or cleaning fluid.
(4) Clean up all broken signs and debris on the host platform.
(5) Clean up all broken labels and sundries on the packaging machine.
(6) Clean up the cotton dust on the whole machine.
(7) Clean up the ground around the equipment.
Two, safe operating procedures
When the equipment is operating normally, the operator must always pay attention to every detail of the action, and must check whether the air pressure can be safely turned on before starting.
1. Pay attention to whether the suction cup sucks the material smoothly. If the suction is abnormal, stop the machine to check whether the suction block or the suction fan is blocked and clean it in time.
2. Pay attention to whether the suction cup can be neatly put the cotton swab into the combing comb. If the cotton swab cannot or frequently break, stop the machine immediately to adjust the position of the comb or suction cup.
3. Pay attention to whether there are irregular cotton swabs on the comb. If there is, remove them quickly and quickly, and put a good cotton swab quickly to ensure the quantity.
4. Always pay attention to whether there are broken bamboo swabs and cotton tips on the platform under the fixture, and clean them if there are any.
5. Pay attention to the changes on the control touch screen. If an alarm occurs, stop the machine immediately, and check and deal with the fault indicated by the alarm.
6. Regularly check whether the screws in all parts are loose or shifted.
7. Clean the comb and move the towing slot regularly to avoid the falling cotton swab from breaking the tow bar and the cable or air pipe.
8. When cleaning the sanitation under the packaging machine, shut it down for cleaning to avoid equipment failure due to the movement of the comb during the cleaning process.
9. Regularly check whether the oil tank under the gas pressure gauge needs to be refueled, and all moving tracks should be regularly lubricated.
10. When the suction cup moves the screw rod left and right, clean it regularly and add butter.
3. Daily maintenance and cleaning
1. Check whether the rotating parts are flexible. If not, check whether the bearing is clean and add lubricating oil.
2. Check whether the chains, gears, belts, and tension are appropriate, and whether all the fastening screws are tightened.
3. Check whether the power cord of the equipment is firm and whether the safety devices are flexible and intact.
4. Lubricating oil is added to each rotating bearing regularly. (Usually every three months)
5. Electric motor bearings are inspected every four months, and lubricating oil is added after cleaning.
6. Check the lubricating oil in the box once a month for the cotton beater gearbox.
7. Tools and spare parts that are not in use after maintenance must be removed from the equipment in time.
8. Chains and big wheels need to clean cotton dust every shift.
9. The inner glue water tank shall check the inner glue concentration every shift, and clean the inner rubber wheels every day; the outer glue water tank shall be cleaned once every two days to keep it clean.
10. All cleaning and maintenance work must be carried out when the whole machine is stopped, and the main power supply must be cut off.
Four, simple faults and treatment methods
1. Easy card machine and sign break
Bamboo skewers of different lengths: choose bamboo skewers of different length and bad
2. The material is not good
(1) The unloading wheel is not well connected: re-debug;
(2) There is too much cotton dust on the feeding wheel: clean it up;
(3) The excessive wheel is not in place: adjust the excessive gear and the excessive disk;
3. Outcrops on the cotton swab head, the cotton swab has a tail, and the cotton foot is too long and fluffing: adjust the die
4. Cotton swabs do not dry well
(1) Heating tube failure: find out the fault or replace the heating tube;
(2) The temperature is not in place: adjust the temperature to a suitable temperature;
(3) Yellow cotton swabs: the temperature is too high, adjust the temperature in time;
5. The suction cup does not suck material
(1) The air pressure is not enough: check the air pressure;
(2) The sensor cannot sense: check whether the sensor cannot sense;
(3), the suction cup does not return to the origin: manual control press "automatic origin";
(4) Check whether there are faults in various parts;
6. The suction material is not in the comb and is not neat
(1) The position of the suction block and the comb are inconsistent: adjust the position of the comb;
(2) The position of the backing board is not in place after adjustment: adjust the whole material backing board;
7. Pushing column is easy to jam
(1) The position of the push column and the center of the fixture is asymmetric: adjust the position of the push column.
(2) The cotton swabs in the comb are not neat: pay attention to whether there are cotton heads on the carriage under the cleaning fixture.
(3) There is a broken sign under the fixture: clean the underneath of the fixture.

The above methods are for reference only. Because the equipment is relatively complex, the operators and maintenance personnel need to use them flexibly. When debugging and repairing the equipment, use data to locate, and try not to adjust the parts that do not need maintenance.

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