Plastic stick machine supplier

Plastic stick machine supplier

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China Forbona Group Litimed is a company who mainly manufacture cotton swab machines,company has been specially committed to develop and manufacture automatic machine since it is established. We always adhere to the implement of the "integrity, innovation, communication" for business purposes, also regard "technical services" as the spirit of the Founding of the community, and form a complete set of design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, training, maintenance of one-stop service system.

Our company has a vibrant comprehensive technical team, has three senior engineers with strong technical strength to provide you  the most professional technical support and services.

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product description

Plastic stick machine

Plastic stick machine supplier_Plastic stick machine

Introduction of the machines

The machine composed of plastic extruder, cooling unit, hual-off device .etc .It can produce different specifications of stick or pipe such as single color, double color, three color, The product supplied by the machine used in a wide range in industrial filed. For example: Drinking straw in food industry, straws in medical area .etc

Machine function

Quotation    USD11000    
Main parts Main parts are: extruder, cooling water tank, hauling cutting system, stick gather equipment single color, bicolor or tricolor pipes can be realized.(air compressor, chiller ,automatic hopper as optional )      
Power supply Main screw 380v ,3phase,50hz,7.5kw(VFD)    
  Sub-screw / 0.75kw 0.75×2kw
  Hauling motor 0.75kw(VFD)x1    
  Cutting motor 0.75kw(VFD)x1    
Temperature Controller   5sets    
Automatic Counting Device   1set    
Way of Hauling   By rubber roller    
Way of cutting   Rotatory cutting    
Cooling water tank   Usually 3.4m, can be adjusted.    
Option     Air compressor (1.5 kw)  
  Chiller( 5HP)    Automatic Hopper with dry   
Specification of Pipe Material PP PE etc.    
  Diameter 2mm~3mm    
  Length Customizable    
  Speed 1500-2300pc/mins    
  Color Single    
Machine dimension L×W×H   8m×1m×1.7mm    
Weight of equipment   1.5T    


FBN-1200MS Medical Cotton Swab Machine

Plastic stick machine supplier_Medical Cotton Swab Machine


  • The machine provides integration solutions with production, drying, packaging in one step , cotton swabs made by this machine is compliance with country medical rule second grade,is yours best choice to make medical and daily use cotton swabs. All the aircraft door using high-grade stainless steel, beautiful, hygienic and easy to clean. Mould is made of stainless steel replace brass, more durable, more beautiful shape of a cotton swab. Oven internal structure is our original design, the cotton humidity control at zero humidity, perfect to solve the problem of mildew of bamboo stick , wood sticks by humidity
  • Packaging part can reduce the quantity of labor, only two workers to complete the bagging and packaging sectors, saving production costs.
  • Control system uses advanced Japanese technology and use beautiful and practical rocker touch panel, easy operation.

Machine parameters:

Model FBN-1200MS 
Capacity 1000-1200 pcs/min
Main Parts France Schneider PLC
  France Schneider Touch-screen
  France Schneider inverter
  France Schneider relays
  France Schneider switch
  Japan SMC air cylinder
  Japan SMC Magnetic valve
  Japan Omron Sensors
Power supply 380V. 3phase. 50hz (220V. 3phase. 60hz customizable)
Drying type closed type drying oven, economical and effective
power consumptional  6kw/hour
Suitable Cotton sliver 4 g/m
Suitable Stick size Length:80mm,100mm,120mm
Shape of cotton buds Single head, Double head
Suitable stick Bamboo stick,paper stick,wooden stick
manner of packing Film bag
Machine Size(L*W*H) 9.6*1*1.6 m
Machine Weight 1890kg

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