Little knowledge about sterile cotton swabs

Little knowledge about sterile cotton swabs

Date: 6/10/2019 2:01:00 PM   Click: 709

Some people bought a new medical sterile cotton swab. There was a green spot on it for two days. What is it?

The doctor introduced the medical cotton swab into two types, sterile and non-sterile. A sterile cotton swab is a cotton swab that is packaged for disinfection or chemically sterilized. A non-sterile cotton swab is a cotton swab that has not been sterilized. It is disinfected and sterilized for use in medical institutions. If there is a green spot, it is likely that a non-sterile cotton swab has been purchased.

Non-sterile cotton swabs purchased from pharmacies in consumer life are not “medical cotton swabs”. They can only be used as “life swabs”, which can be used to clean skin and ears, but not for wound treatment. Buying non-sterile cotton swabs from pharmacies, there are no disinfection equipment and conditions in the hospital, if directly used for wound treatment, it is likely that such wound infections have been unable to heal.

Aseptic cotton swabs open the bag, which means “bacteria”, and should be thrown away after more than 12 hours.

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