Cotton swab machine manufacturer

Cotton swab machine manufacturer

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China Forbona Group Litimed is a company who mainly manufacture cotton swab machines,company has been specially committed to develop and manufacture automatic machine since it is established. We always adhere to the implement of the "integrity, innovation, communication" for business purposes, also regard "technical services" as the spirit of the Founding of the community, and form a complete set of design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, training, maintenance of one-stop service system.

Our Company has established good relationship with many well-known brand enterprises to be partnerships,  company gradually formed a strong talent, technology and brand. And registered in the United Kingdom (China Forbona Group Limited) easy to open up overseas markets, machines exported to: South Africa, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Brazil, Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, Mexico and other countries.

Our company has a vibrant comprehensive technical team, has three senior engineers with strong technical strength to provide you  the most professional technical support and services.

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product description

             FBN-01S Automatic Cotton Swab Machine

Cotton swab machine manufacturer_FBN-01S Cotton Swab Machine

This machine is one step finishing machine,including cotton swab making machine,oven,packing station. The maximun speed can be up to 1200pcs per minute,suit for small and medium-scale enterprises. Machine only need 2-3 person to complete the operation.

The machine has excellent design, excellent configuration, excellent workmanship, exquisite cotton products, economic power and other characteristics, it is the best choice to Substitute old type design machine (large turbines) choice.

Oven internal structure is our latest original design, to ensure that economic power and efficient drying effect, the humidity at zero humidity.

we are the professional manufacturer of cotton swab machine in China.All of our cotton swab machine are including making、drying unit and packing unit in same machine.(a machine include one set mould  and one packing unit already)

Cotton swab machine manufacturer_FBN-01S Cotton Swab Machine drawing



FBN-2TH High-speed automatic cotton swab Making machine

Cotton swab machine manufacturer_FBN-2TH  cotton swab Making machine

All of our cotton swab machine are including making,drying and packing in one machine.

- mould: high-precision stainless steel material. average service life up to 8--10 years.
- Electrical parts: high quality brand,Stable and durable. see below chart.
- Surface:  high quality stainless steel. Beautiful and easy to clean.
- Operation panel: high quality and modern design. Easy to operate.

Product Parameters

  • Model    FBN-2TH
  • Max.Speed    2000pcs/min
  • Damageable parts    1.Notch heating tube  2.Belt spring 3. Brush  4.Glue tube
  • Power supply    380V  3Phase  50hz (220V  3Phase 60HZ customizable)
  • Drying type    closed type drying oven,economical and effective
  • Power consumption    13.5kw/hour
  • Suitable cotton sliver    1.5gram per meter
  • Suitable stick szie    Length:70mm(±2);  Diameter:2.0 --2.5mm 
  • Type of cotton swab    Single head、Double head
  • Suitable stick     Plastic、Paper、Wooden、Bamboo
  • Manner of packing    Bag、Round can、Square box and so on
  • Machine size    9.0 * 1 * 1.7 meter
  • Machine weight     2100KG

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