Common problems of carton gluing machine

Common problems of carton gluing machine

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The solution to the failure of the automatic carton gluing machine is as follows:

1. Listed below are the prone areas and maintenance methods of the carton gluing machine.

Trouble: Cut the continuous strip
the reason:
(1) Cutter wear or failure
Maintenance method: check whether the cutter or cutter holder is worn or malfunctions, if it is severely worn, replace it
(2) Air pressure drop:
Maintenance method: check whether the working pressure of the automatic gluing machine is normal; the cutting force of the steel belt comes from the blockade of the cylinder, see the failure phenomenon; check the blockade operation

Trouble: Insufficient pulling force on the locking jaw
Reason: the coupling hole or coupling pin of the clamping block of the automatic gluing machine is worn
Repair method: check these parts when the groove depth is shallow, replace if necessary

2. Maintenance method:

(1) Once a week, remove the debris or dirt in the gluing machine
(2) The cleaning, maintenance and lubrication of the upper slide, middle knife and front top knife mentioned in the previous section are done once a month.
(3) Once every three months, in addition to the above two maintenances, add some lubricant to all (shaft, center) and bearings.
(4) Replenish the oil in the wheel box of the reducer once every two years.
(5) Note that several parts cannot be refueled: a. Send and retreat rollers. b All belts. c Sliding sheet and surrounding.
(6) When adding oil each time, do not add too much to avoid malfunction of the micro switch due to oil immersion.

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