Cotton swab introduction

Cotton swab introduction

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Cotton swabs, also known as swabs. Cotton swabs are industrial dust-free wipes. Mostly used in the electronics, semiconductor industry corner, cracks, flat wipe (also known as purifying swabs, anti-static swabs, sponge sticks, etc.), its varieties can be divided according to the application area, electronic , Photoelectric cotton swabs, medical, beauty cotton swabs, household swabs, and other industrial areas, its material, shape and diverse, able to adapt to a variety of solvents wipe.

Many types of cotton swabs, dust-free wipe sticks, clean cotton swabs, medical swabs, swab cotton swabs immediately.

Clean wipe stick with cotton swab has the essential difference, cotton swab head material is cotton, can not be clean washing process, and in the wiping process, may be scraped off the crumbs. The clean wipe stick, the head of the material is divided into two kinds of sponge head and cloth, are clean and clean room after purification packaging, high-grade clean environment, the wiping supplies used must reach more than 100 , Then only the wiping cloth and wipe sticks can meet the requirements, and wipe the paper and cotton swabs, can only be used in the normal environment to wipe the product.

Clean cotton swabs are the only choice for precise, clean wipe applications that eliminate contaminants and keep them clean in the special environment of the manufacturing process (the wipes do not wipe). Low chemical residue after wiping. Combustible, easy to handle, environmentally friendly. Most cleaning swabs are conductive, which keeps operators and tools grounded. For purification plant 10, the packaging is different.

Medical swab for skin or trauma cleaning and disinfection.

Daily cotton swabs
Instant cotton swab, including a swab stick and a cotton swab fixed at one end of the swab stick. The swab stick is a hollow stick, which is internally stored with medicine water. One end of the hollow cotton swab fixing cotton head is provided with an oil seal , The other end is provided with end seals. Compared with the prior art, the hollow rod is used to store the syrup, so that the swab itself has a syrup that is ready to use, convenient and quick. It is suitable for hospitals, homes, schools, hotels, essential hygiene products, but also very suitable for travel use.

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