Cotton swab effect

Cotton swab effect

Date: 12/15/2017 12:00:00 AM   Click: 1411

Do you often find handbags more and more drums, then resolutely put it replaced by large and then large? If you are a "flying trapeze," often carry heavy bags, annoying trouble, shoulders have been aching? In fact, the solution is simple - that is, as much as possible a multi-purpose. So cheap and compact cotton swab sure

1. To deal with make-up If your skin is easy to oil, then you can use a cotton swab dipped in the right amount of concealer or liquid foundation, into a small bag, anytime, anywhere easily solve mascara blooming and nose tip powder and other small cases, Cotton swab dipped in some loose powder can achieve similar results, beauty experts Christina Marrale suggested. It's one of the must-haves, let's take a look at what it can do.

2. Retouched eye makeup eyeliner crooked or too thick, how to do? It does not matter, says Haley Kulow, CEO and founder of HK Beauty Consulting. The problem is easily solved by slightly moistening the cotton swab and gently swabbing the cotton head over the area where it is desired to be finished.

3. Eye cream eye skin is the most delicate, improper care can easily lead to fine lines. Marrale recommend using a cotton swab to gently press the eye cream little by little in the eye, more delicate than the fingers, easy to control the intensity, to avoid pulling too hard.

4. keep clean when some popular lip balm is not tube, but boxed, if the direct hand is not hygienic, so you can use a clean cotton swab dipped and smeared, you can effectively avoid the dust, bacteria, virus cross Infection and transmission.

5. Instead of a makeup brush directly with a cotton swab dipped in eyeliner to draw eyeliner is very convenient than the eyeliner brush to get clean and sanitary, ready to use. Marrale said she never carried a lot of brushes when she was away from home. The smoky makeup on cotton swabs did the same.

6. Modified eyebrow matte brown drawn eyebrows the most natural, with a cotton swab dipped in eyebrow powder directly applied, and then use a cotton swab with concealer or make-up remover to feel redundant or did not draw a good place light Lightly decorated, more refined.

7. Easy Manicure Tools Jill Marcordes, executive director of beauty and nail technology at Tricoci University, said: "If you do not have polka dots or just occasional DIY whimsics, then use a cotton swab, just cut the cotton head OK. "

After a busy day, the fragrance of perfume is also exhausted, before going to dinner dating you need a "secret weapon" - placed in a sealed bag a few soaked perfume swab. Do not carry bottle cans, you are still as old as ever.

9. Removing excess nail polish Chrisitina Carter, owner of Red Beauty Bar, said: "When nail polish is done at home, nail polish often spills out of the nail. Cotton swabs easily remove the excess without breaking the nail just painted "

10. Repair dry lines "When the skin is in a watery condition, tiny dry lines appear on the skin that has been covered with concealer or foundation and a small amount of cream is applied to the area where the dry lines appear. A miracle occurs immediately" Brittny Gastineau says Is a reality show actor and model.

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