Introduction of Gluing Machine

Introduction of Gluing Machine

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The gluing machine is one of the auxiliary equipment for the production of cartons, leather goods, and shoes. It is mainly used to complete the gluing process during the laminating process. The gluing machine is divided into zipper gluing machine, automatic carton gluing machine, white glue gluing machine, etc. according to different purposes.

Chinese name Gluing machine, foreign name Gluing machine Purpose The gluing process is completed during the laminating process Purpose Classification Zipper gluing machine, automatic carton gluing machine

Classification of gluing machine

One of the auxiliary equipment produced is mainly used to complete the gluing process in the process of printing and die-cutting cardboard and pasting synthetic cartons. The gluing machine is different from the manual gluing process and has the following advantages: glue saving, environmental protection, no waste; anti-entanglement device to prevent hands and work objects from being caught in the glue tank and roller; glue thickness and width , The speed can be adjusted according to customer requirements; the glue is evenly applied, does not drip, does not leak, and breaks quickly and neatly; the built-in time control device can accurately and automatically break the glue.

The gluing machine is generally divided into zipper gluing machine, automatic carton gluing machine, sealed strong gluing machine, white glue gluing machine/coating machine, super glue gluing machine, resin gluing machine, yellow glue gluing machine There are more than ten kinds of machines, coating machines, hot melt machines, etc., mainly according to the purpose, and the names are also different. The domestically approved specification is voltage: 220V. The gluing machine is a very good device, which can greatly improve work efficiency, has good airtight performance, and the overall effect of the product is beautiful and more high-grade.

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