Classification of cotton swabs

Classification of cotton swabs

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There are many types of cotton swabs, including dust-free wipes, clean cotton swabs, medical cotton swabs, and instant cotton swabs.

1. There is a big difference between the dust-free wiping stick and ordinary cotton swabs. The material of the dust-free wiping stick is divided into two types: sponge tip and cloth tip. Both are cleaned and packaged in a clean room. The wiping consumables used in the dusty environment must be above grade 100, and only wiping cloths and wiping sticks meet the requirements.

2. Clean cotton swabs are the choice for precise clean wiping applications, which can eliminate pollutants and keep clean in the special environment of the production process. After wiping, the chemical residue content is low, flammable, easy to handle, and environmentally friendly. Most cleaning swabs are conductive grade, which can keep the operator and tools grounded. Applicable to Class 10 purification workshops with different packaging.

3. Medical cotton swabs are suitable for cleaning and disinfecting skin or trauma.

4. The cotton swab can be applied immediately, and the structure of the hollow stick to store the syrup is adopted, so that the cotton swab itself contains the syrup, which is convenient and quick to use immediately. It is suitable as an essential hygiene product for hospitals, families, schools, hotels, and is also very suitable for use when traveling.

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